Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Quilled Peacock

This is my first quilled peacock. Though it took sometime I liked the way it finally turned out. 
I took the outline of peacock from online and quilled it. For the body part I used the beehive technique. The centre part of the feathers are tight coils shaped as tear drops where as all the remaining part were strips and in between I used tight coils and V shaped paper as decoration.  I used green, blue, yellow as my primary colours and all the paper strips are 5mm dimension.

This I have done for IQCG Challenge-29 Incredible India. I chose our National bird peacock as my theme for this challenge.IQCG Challenge-29.

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  1. a different look peacock sravya. looks pretty and Good luck. Thanks for joining us at IQCG#29

  2. Looking good and thanks for joining us in the IQC .. Good luck 😊